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Below is a listing of technical reports from the Indiana University Computer Science Program, many of which are available electronically. If we have an exchange agreement with your institution, our hard copy technical reports (except dissertations) are available free of charge (limit of five per month). If we do not have an exchange agreement with your institution, please contact the Technical Report Librarian (techreports at for the price of a particular Technical Report or for information about establishing an exchange agreement.

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Disentangled Representation Learning Using (β-)VAE and GAN , Mohammad Haghir Ebrahimabadi (Aug 1973), 21 - (23 including CV at the end) pages [Master's thesis]
Meta Proximal Policy Optimization for Cooperative Multi-Agent Continuous Control , Boli Fang (May 2022), 35 pages [2. Additional Notes: Master Thesis; paper has been accepted at IJCNN 2022.]
Reproducibility in Scientific Computing , Jonathan Klinginsmith (Feb 2021), 16 pages [Part requirement of a Ph.D. candidacy reinstatement plan]
A Bayesian Evaluation of User App Choice in the Presence of Risk Communication on Android Devices , Behnood Momenzadeh, Jean Camp (Sep 2019), 10 pages
IoTMarketplace: Informing Purchase Decisions with Risk Communication , Shakthidhar Reddy Gopavaram, Jayati Dev, Sanchari Das, Jean Camp (Aug 2019), 16 pages pages
LoCal: A Language for Programs Operating on Serialized Data , Michael Vollmer, Chaitanya Koparkar, Mike Rainey, Laith Sakka, Milind Kulkarni, Ryan R. Newton (Apr 2019), 34 pages
Insider Threat Event Detection in User-System Interactions , Pablo Moriano, Jared Pendleton, Steven Rich, and L. Jean Camp (Sep 2017), 12 pages [A final version of this paper was published in Proceedings of MIST'17, October 30, 2017,]
Graph DSLs : A Survey on Green-Marl & Sparql , Thejaka Amila Kanewala (Jul 2017), 11 pages [A Report Submitted in Partial Satisfaction of the Requirements for an Independent Research 2014.]
A Survey on π-Calculus , Thejaka Amila Kanewala (Jun 2017), 11 pages [Submitted in Partial Satisfaction of the Requirements for the Ph.D Qualifying Examination in 2014]
Strategies and Tradeoffs in Designing and Implementing Embedded DSLs , Thejaka Amila Kanewala (Jun 2017), 10 pages [Submitted in Partial Satisfaction of the Requirements for the Ph.D Qualifying Examination in 2014]
Peeling the Lemons Problem with Risk Communication for Mobile Apps , Behnood Momenzadeh, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University Bloomington, Jean Camp, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University Bloomington (Jun 2017), 9 pages [This is being posted for sharing with the FTC as a tech report only. It is Ph.D. work, but a first draft.]
Can You Hear Me Now?: A Technical Report on Combining Audio with Privacy Permissions , SHAKTHIDHAR REDDY GOPAVARAM, Indiana University, OMKAR BHIDE, Indiana University, JEAN CAMP, Indiana University (Jun 2017), 21 pages [This is being posted for sharing with the FTC as a tech report only. It is Ph.D. work, but a first draft.]
Distributed Control in HPX , Thejaka Amila Kanewala (May 2017), 10 pages [Submitted in Partial Satisfaction of the Requirements for the Ph.D Qualifying Examination in 2014]
Characterization of Internet Routing Anomalies Through Graph Mining , Pablo Moriano, Srivatsan Iyer, and L. Jean Camp (May 2017), 15 pages [This is being posted for sharing with Cisco as a tech report only]
LibPhotonNBC: A RDMA Aware Collective Library on Photon , Udayanga Wickramasinghe, Ezra Kissel, Andrew Lumsdaine (May 2017), 15 pages
Evaluating Collectives in Networks of Multicore/Two-level Reduction , Udayanga Wickramasinghe, Luke DAlessandro, Andrew Lumsdaine, Ezra Kissel, Martin Swany, Ryan Newton (May 2017), 15 pages [This is an extended version of a paper under submission (not accepted yet)]
Usability and Acceptability of the Yubico Security Key , Andrew C. Dingman, Gianpaolo Russo, and Jean Camp (Feb 2017), 12 pages
Gradual Typing in an Open World , Michael M. Vitousek and Jeremy G. Siek (Oct 2016), 33 pages
Crossing Analytics Systems: A Case for Integrated Provenance in Data Lakes , Isuru Suriarachchi and Beth Plale (Sep 2016), 6 pages [Accepted for eScience 2016,]
Incompetents, criminals, or spies: Macroeconomic analysis of routing anomalies , Pablo Moriano, Soumya Achar, and L. Jean Camp (Jul 2016), 29 pages [A final version of this paper was published in Computers & Security at]
The Semantics of ParalleX, v1.0 , Matteo Cimini, Jeremy G. Siek, and Thomas Sterling (May 2016), 34 pages
Provenance as Essential Infrastructure for Data Lakes , Isuru Suriarachchi and Beth Plale (Apr 2016), 4 pages [Accepted for IPAW 2016,]
Too Much Too Late: Influence of risk communication on Android App installations , Prashanth Rajivan & Jean Camp, School of Informatics and Computing (Feb 2016), 12 pages
Bongo: A BGP Speaker Built for Defending Against Bad Routes , Kevin Benton, Dr. L. Jean Camp, Dr. Martin Swany (Feb 2016), 10 pages
A Survey on SEDA and Using SEDA to Optimize HDFS Read Operation , Isuru Suriarachchi (Oct 2015), 8 pages [Written for PhD qualifying exam]
Secure Provenance for Data Preservation Repositories , Isuru Suriarachchi (Oct 2015), 9 pages [Written for PhD qualifying exam]
Addressing the Limitations of Γ-privacy , Isuru Suriarachchi (Oct 2015), 7 pages [Written for PhD qualifying exam]
Simplifying Probabilistic Programs Using Computer Algebra , Jacques Carette and Chung-chieh Shan (Sep 2015), 17 pages [A slightly abbreviated version of this paper is being submitted to PADL 2016.]
Proceedings of the 2014 Scheme and Functional Programming Workshop , Jason Hemann, John Clements (editors) (Sep 2015), 71 pages
Manual for EAR4 and CAAR Weka Plugins, Case-Based Regression and Ensembles of Adaptations, Version 1 , Vahid Jalali and David Leake (Apr 2015), 12 pages pages
Instrument for Measuring Perception of Online Risks and Benefits of Information Sharing , L. Jean Camp (Dec 2014), pages
Instrument for Measuring Computing and Security Expertise , Prashanth Rajivan, Pablo Moriano, Timothy Kelley and Jean Camp (Feb 2015), pages
Preproceedings of the 26nd Symposium on Implementation and Application of Functional Languages (IFL 2014) , Sam Tobin-Hochstadt, editor (Oct 2014), 237 pages
Evaluation of Data Storage in HathiTrust Research Center Using Cassandra , Guangchen Ruan and Beth Plale (Jul 2014), 11 pages
A Language for Nested Data Parallel Design-space Exploration on GPUs , Bo Joel Svensson, Mary Sheeran, Ryan R. Newton (Aug 2014), 16 pages pages
Use of Hybrid Systems to model the RobotiQ Adaptive Gripper , Giulia Franchi and Kris Hauser (Feb 2014), 17 pages
Freeze After Writing: Quasi-Deterministic Parallel Programming with LVars , Lindsey Kuper, Aaron Turon, Neelakantan R. Krishnaswami, Ryan R. Newton (Dec 2013), 56 pages pages
A New Module in RAPSearch2 for Fast Protein Similarity Search of Paired-end Sequences , Xiaoqian Zhang, Haixu Tang (Dec 2013), 16 pages pages [Master's capstone report]
Advanced Keyword Search on Graph , Yifan Pan; Yuqing Wu (Aug 2013), 9 pages [A shorter version of this report will be published in CIKM 2013]
Perceptions of Computing Risks , Vaibhav Garg; L Jean Camp (Jul 2013), 24 pages
Just-in-time Acceleration of JavaScript , Uday Pitambare, Arun Chauhan, Saurabh Malviya (Feb 2013), 14 pages pages
A Framework for Optimizing Function Call Sequences in MATLAB or Inter-procedural Optimization without Inter-procedural Analysis , Arun Chauhan, Chun-Yu Shei (Aug 2014), 10 pages pages
RubyWrite: An Embedded DSL for Tree Rewriting , Arun Chauhan, Andrew Keep, Chun-Yu Shei, Pushkar Ratnalikar (Jan 2013), pages
A Uniform Terminology for C++ Concepts , Larisse Voufo, Andrew Lumsdaine (Jan 2013), 11 pages pages [This paper is intended to help ongoing discussions about design and implementation of concepts for C++.]
A Lattice-Theoretical Approach to Deterministic Parallelism with Shared State , Lindsey Kuper, Ryan Newton (Oct 2012), Pages 60 pages
Temporal Data Mining of Scientific Data Provenance , Peng Chen, Beth Plale, Mehmet Aktas (Jul 2012), 24 pages pages
The eXtensible Session Protocol: A Protocol for Future Internet Architectures , Ezra Kissel (Delaware), Martin Swany (Indiana) (Feb 2012), 14 pages pages
Strengths and Weaknesses of Sub-Workflow Interoperability , Beth Plale, Eran Chinthaka Withana, Chathura Herath, Kavitha Chandrasekar, Yuan Luo, Felix Terkhorn (Nov 2011), 8 pages pages [This work is expected to be published.]
Evaluation of Two XML Storage Approaches for Scientific Metadata , Scott Jensen, Devarshi Ghoshal, Beth Plale (Oct 2011), 13 pages pages
Thwarting Wi-Fi Side-Channel Analysis through Traffic Demultiplexing , Fan Zhang, Wenbo He, Yangyi Chen, Zhou Li, XiaoFeng Wang, Shuo Chen, Xue Liu (Aug 2011), 21 pages pages
To Release Or Not To Release: Evaluating Information Leaks in Aggregate Human-Genome Data , Xiaoyong Zhou, Bo Peng, Yong Fuga Li, Yangyi Chen, Haixu Tang, XiaoFeng Wang (Jun 2011), 27 pages
BLACR: TTP-Free Blacklistable Anonymous Credentials with Reputation , Man Ho Au, Patrick P. Tsang, Apu Kapadia, and Willy Susilo (May 2011), pages 34 pages
A Study of RDB-based RDF Data Management Techniques , Vahid Jalali, Mo Zhou, Yuqing Wu (May 2011), pages 12 pages
Sigiri: Uniform Abstraction for Large-Scale Compute Resource Interactions , Eran Chinthaka Withana and Beth Plale (Mar 2011), 9 pages pages
Efficient Association Discovery with Keyword-based Constraints on Large Graph Data , Mo Zhou, Yifan Pan, Yuqing Wu (Mar 2011), 11 pages pages [submitted to VLDB 2011]
Improving Automatic Weather Observations with the Public Twitter Stream , Jeff Cox, Beth Plale (Feb 2011), 25 pages pages
How to Shop for Free Online: Security Analysis of Cashier-as-a-Service Based Web Stores , Xiafeng Wang, Rui Wang, Shuo Chen (Feb 2011), N/A pages
Schema-Independent and Schema-Friendly Scientific Metadata Management , Scott Jensen and Beth Plale (Jan 2011), 8 pages pages [A (shorter) extended abstract of this paper was published in the proceeding of the Fourth IEEE International Conference on eScience.]
PEREA: Practical TTP-Free Revocation of Repeatedly Misbehaving Anonymous Users , Man Ho Au, Patrick P. Tsang, Apu Kapadia (Jul 2011), pages [Updated July 2011]
PEREA: Practical TTP-Free Revocation of Repeatedly Misbehaving Anonymous Users , Man Ho Au, Patrick P. Tsang, Apu Kapadia (Jul 2011), pages [Updated July 2011]
Pythia: A Privacy Aware, Peer-to-Peer Network for Social Search , Shirin Nilizadeh, Naveed Alam, Nathaniel Husted, Apu Kapadia (Oct 2010), pages
A Composable Runtime Recovery Policy Framework Supporting Resilient HPC Applications , Joshua Hursey & Andrew Lumsdaine (Aug 2010), 12 pages pages
Ordering Depth First Search to Improve AFD Mining , Jeremy T. Engle, Edward L. Robertson, and Dimitar G. Nikolov (Jun 2010), Pages: 12 pages [This is an expanded version of a paper under review Abstract]
Certified Lies: Detecting and Defeating Government Interception Attacks Against SSL , Christopher Soghoian and Sid Stamm (Apr 2010), 20 Pages pages [Under submission (not accepted yet)]
XML-Based RDF Data Management for Efficient Query Processing , Mo Zhou, Yuqing Wu (Apr 2010), 6 Pages pages [It is expected to be published in WebDB 2010]
Inducing Relatedness Graphs for Data Integration , Jeremy Engle, Ying Feng, Rob Goldstone (Jan 2010), 6 Pages pages [This paper is being submitted to WebDB 2010]
"Sigiri: Towards A Light-Weight Job Management System for Large Scale Systems" , Eran Chinthaka, Suresh Marru, and Beth Plale (Aug 2009), 5 Pages pages
Learning Your Identity and Disease from Research Papers: Information Leaks in Genome Wide Association Study , Rui Wang - Indiana University Bloomington Yong Li - Indiana University Bloomington XiaoFeng Wang - Indiana University Bloomington Haixu Tang - Indiana University Bloomington Xiaoyong Zhou - Indiana University Bloomington (Aug 2009), 12 Pages pages
Privacy-Preserving Genomic Computation Through Program Specialization , Rui Wang -IUB, XiaoFeng Wang - IUB, Zhou Li - IUB, Haixu Tang - IUB, Michael Reiter - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Zheng Dong - IUB (Aug 2009), 12 Pages pages
Modularizing Data Mining: A Case Study Framework , Jeremy T. Engle, Edward L. Robertson (Jul 2009), Pages 7 pages [To be submitted]
Building a Concept Hierarchy Using Frequent Tag Sequences , Jon Klinginsmith (IUB), Malika Mahoui (IUPUI), Josette Jones (IUPUI), Melanie Wu (IUB) (Jun 2009), 7 pages [This paper has been submitted to the CIKM 2009 conference. We will not hear on acceptance until late July.]
Socially Induced Semantic Networks and Applications , Benjamin Markines (Jun 2009), 177 pages pages [This is a PhD thesis]
ORCS: An Oblivious Routing Congestion Simulator , Timo Schneider, Torsten Hoefler, and Andrew Lumsdaine (Feb 2009), 12 pages pages
Fixing Probe for Multi-Threaded MPI Applications , Douglas Gregor, Torsten Hoefler, Brian Barrett, and Andrew Lumsdaine (Jan 2009), 8 pages pages
Workload-aware Trie Indexes for XML , Sofia Brenes, Yuqing Melanie Wu, Hyungdae Yi (Jan 2009), 13 pages pages [Submitted to conference for review]
Towards Quantifying Limits in Automated Curation of e-Science Data , Beth Plale, You-Wei Cheah, and Yiming Sun (Nov 2008), 3 pages pages
A Survey of Distributed Workflow Characteristics and Resource Requirements , Lavanya Ramakrishnan, Dennis Gannon (Sep 2008), 20 pages pages
Leapfrog: Enhancing Information Protection in Commodity Applications with Dataflow Control , XiaoFeng Wang, Zhuowei Li and Rui Wang (Aug 2008), pages
HTTP Fences: Immigration Control for Web Pages , Sid Stamm (Jul 2008), 11 pages pages
Full Resolution Lightfield Rendering , Andrew Lumsdaine, Todor Georgiev (Jul 2008), pages
Towards Automatic Reverse Engineering of Software Security Configuration , Rui Wang, XiaoFeng Wang, Kehuan Zhang, Zhuowei Li (Jul 2008), 12 pages pages
Representing LEAD Experiments in a FEDORA digital repository , You-Wei Cheah, Beth Plale (Jun 2008), 10 pages pages
Quantum Circuits: From a Network to a One-Way Model - A tutorial Version , Larisse D. Voufo, Gerardo Ortiz, and Amr Sabry (Jun 2008), 28 pages pages [This is a more review-based version of the paper at, which has been submitted to the pre-proceedings of the DCM-QPL'08 workshop (]
Quantifying the Security of Preference-based Authentication , Markus Jakobsson, Liu Yang, Susanne Wetzel (Jun 2008), 10 pages pages
Review of the Hough Transform Method, With an Implementation of the Fast Hough Variant for Line Detection , Danko Antolovic (Apr 2008), 11 pages pages [This report pertains to Auto-Digitizer, an open-source software package for machine vision and image processing, available to Indiana University.]
ParaXML: A Parallel XML Processing Model on the Multicore CPUs , Wei Lu and Dennis Gannon (Apr 2008), 13 pages pages
Diffusion and Adoption of IPv6 in the United States , Hillary A. Elmore, L. Jean Camp, Brandon P. Stephens (Mar 2008), 11 pages pages [This paper was presented as a working paper at the Cisco workshop on IP Address Allocation, Milpitas, CA March 3-4, 2008. It has been submitted to the Workshop on the Economics of Information Security 2008.]
A Study of Positive XPath with Parent/Child Navigation , Yuqing Wu, Dirk Van Gucht, Marc Gyssens, Jan Paredaens (Mar 2008), 8 pages pages
A Scalable and Robust Coordination Architecture for Distributed Management , Srinath Perera, Dennis Gannon (Feb 2008), 10 pages pages [Under revision for Publication]
Probabilistic analysis of success and failure rates of candidate generation algorithms for the frequent itemsets mining problem. , Minh Tang (Feb 2008), 16 pages pages [This is an independent study report. I'm currently still looking for some conferences/journal for publication.]
A Risk Based Approach To Limit The Effects of Covert Channels for Internet Sensor Data Aggregators For Sensor Privacy , Camilo H. Viecco and L. Jean Camp (Feb 2008), 9 pages pages [Is under revision to attempt publication.]
Benchmarking Effort of Virtual Machines on Multicore Machines , Aparna Venkatraman, Vinay Pandey, Beth Plale, Shing-Shong Shei (Dec 2007), 19 pages pages [Master's Research Project]
View-Constraint Duality in Databases and Systems Engineering , John Springer (Oct 2007), 164 pages pages [Ph.D Dissertation]
A Case Study in Using Design Principles for Secure Operating System Interfaces , Yiming Sun, Adity Mutsuddi, Baizil K. Jacob, Kay H. Connelly, and Minaxi Gupta (Oct 2007), 34 pages pages
Net Trust: A Privacy-Aware Architecture for Sharing Web Histories , Alex Tsow, Shreyas Kamath and L. Jean Camp (Aug 2007), 11 pages pages
Starfish: A Table-Centric Tool for Design Derivation , Alexander W. Tsow (Aug 2007), 272 pages pages [Ph.D Thesis]
Deceit and Deception: A Large User Study of Phishing , Alex Tsow and Markus Jakobsson (Aug 2007), 46 pages pages
Tuple-Space Mapper: Design, challenges and Goals , Joseph A. Cottam and Andrew Lumsdaine (Jul 2007), 10 pages pages
A Virtual Filesystem Framework to Support Embedded Software Development , Bhanu Nagendra Pisupati (Jun 2007), 182 pages [PhD Dissertation and supporting designs]
Building a Trusted Location Service for Pervasive Computing Environments , Raquel Hill, Jalal Al-Muhtadi (May 2007), 6 pages pages
Performance Evaluation of MySQL 5.0 and Berkeley DB XML as a Grid Resource Information Manager (GRIM) with a Benchmark/Workload , Xin Xiang, Beth Plale (Feb 2007), 19 pages pages
CCA-LISI: On Designing A CCA Parallel Sparse Linear Solver Interface , Fang (Cherry) Liu and Randall Bramley (Jan 2007), 13 pages pages [Is expected to be published at IPDPS'07 (IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium 2007)]
Phishing IQ Tests Measure Fear, Not Ability , Vivek Anandpara, Andrew Dingman, Markus Jakobsson, Debin Liu, Heather Roinestad (Jan 2007), 9 pages pages [The paper has been accepted as an abstract(5 page version) to USEC'07.]
Drive-By Pharming , Sid Stamm, Zulfikar Ramzan, and Markus Jakobsson (Dec 2006), 13 pages pages [A derivative of TR641 (which cites 641) was published at the 9th International Conference on Information and Computer Security.]
A Dense Wireless LAN Case Study , Camilo H. Viecco, Minaxi Gupta (Dec 2006), 10 pages pages
A Methodology for Coupling Fragments of XPath with Structural Indexes for XML Documents , George H. L. Fletcher, Dirk Van Gucht, Yuqing Wu, Marc Gyssens, and Jan Paredaens (Oct 2006), 19 pages pages
Fundamental Algebraic Concepts in Concept-Enabled C++ , Peter Gottschling (Oct 2006), 135 pages pages
Design, Implementation, and Usage of LibNBC , Torsten Hoefler and Andrew Lumsdaine (Sep 2006), 10 pages pages
Non-Blocking Collective Operations for MPI-2 , Torsten Hoefler, Jeffrey M. Squyres, George Bosilca, Graham Fagg, Andrew Lumsdaine, and Wolfgang Rehm (Sep 2006), 6 pages pages
A Checkpoint and Restart Service Specification for Open MPI , Joshua Hursey and Jeffrey M. Squyres and Andrew Lumsdaine (Jul 2006), 8 pages
Extending Relational Query Optimization to Dynamic Schemas for Information Integration in Multidatabases , Catharine M. Wyss and Felix I. Wyss (Jul 2006), 12 pages pages
A Framework for Access Control for XML , Sriram Mohan(srmohan), Arijit Sengupta(asengupt) and Yuqing Wu(yuqwu) (Jul 2006), 40 pages [Expected to be published at: ACM Transactions on System and Information Security]
Constructing and Validating Entity-Relationship Data Models in the PVS Specification Language: A case study using a text-book example , Venkatesh Choppella, Arijit Sengupta, Edward L. Robertson and Steven D Johnson (Apr 2006), 52 pages pages
MPI over Scripting Languages: Usability and Performance Tradeoffs , Craig Shue, Joshua Hursey, and Arun Chauhan (Feb 2006), 13 pages pages
A "Virtual Light" Interface for the Extended Analog Computer , Williams et. al. (Jan 2006), pages
Cryptography using the VLSI Extended Analog Computer , Gonzalez et al. (Jan 2006), pages
Cyclotron Beam Control and Internet Traffic Load Balancing with an EAC , Chen et. al. (Jan 2006), pages
Evolving Letter Recognition with an Extended Analog Computer , Parker, M. (Jan 2006), pages
Using Butterfly Wing Patterns to Solve Hamiltonian Circuit , Wu & Kim (Jan 2006), pages
Notes on Implementing the McCulloch-Kilmer RETIC with EAC , Mills et. al. (Jan 2006), pages
Denial of Service Attack Detection Using Extended Analog Computers , Shue, Kopecky and Wileman (Jan 2006), pages
Complementarity and Unconventional Computing , Jonathan W. Mills and Bryce Himebaugh (Jan 2006), pages
Vanishing Point: a Visual Road-Detection Program for a DARPA Grand Challenge Vehicle , Danko Antolovic, Alex Leykin and Steven D. Johnson (Dec 2005), 6 pages pages [This work was performed in collaboration with the Indy Robot Racing Team in cooperation with Pervasive Technology Labs at Indiana University.]
Polynomial-Time Query Languages for Untyped Lists , Edward L. Robertson, Lawrence V. Saxton, and Dirk Van Gucht (Dec 2005), 16 pages pages
Tracking and Activity Analysis in Retail Environments , Alex Leykin and Mihran Tuceryan (Oct 2005), 21 pages
Scheme 2005 Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming , J. Michael Ashley and Michael Sperber, editors (Sep 2005), 120 pages pages [Conference proceedings]
A Survey of Data Provenance Techniques , Yogesh L. Simmhan, Beth Plale, Dennis Gannon (Aug 2005), 25 pages [Shorter version of paper to be published in ACM SIGMOD Record, September 2005]
IUCBRF: A Framework For Rapid And Modular Case-Based Reasoning System Development , Steven Bogaerts and David Leake (Jul 2005), 63 pages pages [An ascii version of the abstract for the paper. This may include HTML markup as desired. The abstract is optional but is strongly recommended.]
The Common Instrument Middleware Architecture: Overview of Goals and Implementation , Tharaka Devadithya, Kenneth Chiu, Donald F. McMullen (Jun 2005), 9 pages [The paper has been submitted to the Grid Workshop 2005]
A Monadic Framework for Delimited Continuations , R. Kent Dybvig, Simon Peyton Jones, and Amr Sabry (Jun 2005), 40 pages pages
dQUOBEC Event Channel Communication System , Nithya Vijayakumar, Beth Plale (May 2005), 14 pages pages
Realization of GGF DAIS Data Service Interface for Grid Access to Data Streams , Ying Liu, Beth Plale, Nithya Vijayakumar (May 2005), 11 pages pages
A Vision System for Automated Customer Tracking for Marketing Analysis: Low Level Feature Extraction , Alex Leykin and Mihran Tuceryan (Jun 2005), 10 pages pages
How to remove a dynamic prompt: static and dynamic delimited continuation operators are equally expressible , Oleg Kiselyov (Mar 2005), 16 pages pages [Collaboration with Daniel P. Friedman and Amr A. Sabry on logical programming systems]
OGC Compatible Geographical Information Systems Web Services , Ahmet Sayar, Marlon Pierce, Geoffrey Fox (Mar 2005), 64 pages pages
Access Control for XML - A Dynamic Query Rewriting Approach , Sriram Mohan, Arijit Sengupta, Yuqing Wu, Jonathan Klinginsmith (Feb 2005), 12 pages pages [Submitting the paper to VLDB 2005.]
A Proof-Theoretic Foundation of Abortive Continuations (Extended version) , Zena M. Ariola, Hugo Herbelin, and Amr Sabry (Feb 2005), 43 pages pages [This is an extended version of the conference article "Minimal Classical Logic and Control Operators, Zena M. Ariola & Hugo Herbelin, Thirtieth International Colloquium on Automata, Languages & Programming, 2003, Springer-Verlag, LNCS 2719, pgs. 871-885."]
A Data Management Architecture for Computational Biology , Yu Ma, Randall Bramley, Sun Kim (Jan 2005), 7 pages
An Algebra for Triadic Relations , Ed Robertson (Jan 2005), 24 pages plus cover pages [An earlier version of this paper appears as "Triadic Relations: an Algebra for the Semantic Web" in the "Proceedings of 2nd International Workshop on Semantic Web and Databases," SWDB 2004, to be published by Springer Verlag.]
Essential Language Support for Generic Programming: Formalization Part 1 , Jeremy Siek and Andrew Lumsdaine (Dec 2004), 70 pages [A shorter version of the paper was submitted to the PLDI 2005 conference.]
Data Redistribution and Remote Method Invocation in Parallel Component Architectures , Felipe Bertrand, Randall Bramley, Kostadin B. Damevski, James A. Kohl, David E. Bernholdt, Jay W. Larson, Alan Sussman (Dec 2004), 16 pages
Experiments with PageRank Computation , Ashraf Khalil and Yong Liu (Dec 2004), 9 pages pages [This technical report was done as a final project for B659 (Web mining) . We are expecting to publish a modified version of this technical report.]
Measures in Databases and Data Mining , Bassem Sayrafi, Dirk Van Gucht, Marc Gyssens (Nov 2004), 39 pages
RS-Algo: an Algorithm for Improved Memory Utilization in Continuous Query System under Asynchronous Data Streams , Nithya Vijayakumar and Beth Plale (Oct 2004), 15 pages pages
Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming , Olin Shivers and Oscar Waddell (Oct 2004), 128 pages pages [This report contains the papers presented at the Fifth ACM SIGPLAN Workshop]
Optimal Tuple Merge in NP-Complete , Edward L. Robertson and Catharine M. Wyss (Jul 2004), 9 pages pages
eXtensible Relational Databases: a Relational Approach to Interoperability , J.J. Lu, S. -Y. Cheung, and C.M. Wyss (Jul 2004), 12 pgs. pages
An Instrument/Sensor Analysis of the MMSF Automated Photometric Telescope , Fang Liu, Randall Bramley and George Turner (Jun 2004), 10 pages pages
Reasoning about Additive Measures , Bassem Sayrafi and Dirk Van Gucht (Jun 2004), 18 pages pages
A Comparative Study of Elderly, Younger, and Chronically Ill Novice PDA Users , Katie A. Moor, Kay Connelly and Yvonne Rogers (Jun 2004), pages
Architectural Principles for Enterprise Frameworks , Richard A. Martin, Edward L. Robertson and John A. Springer (Apr 2004), 24 pages pages
Portal Access to Parallel Visualization of Scientific Data on the Grid , Charles Moad and Beth Plale (Feb 2004), 6 pages pages
A Compiler-Based Approach to Schema-Specific Parsers for XML , Kenneth Chiu and Wei Lu (Feb 2004), 9 pages pages
Translation, Scale and Occlusion-Tolerant Recognition with Multiple Eigenspace Models , Arnab Dhua, Florin Cutzu, Durgesh Dewoolkar and Stephen Kiselewich (Jan 2004), 9 pages pages
Multiple Eigenspace Models for Scene Segmentation and Occlusion Removal , Arnab Dhua, Florin Cutzu, Durgesh Dewoolkar and Stephen Kiselewich (Jan 2004), 13 pages pages
Development of a Wireless Location System in Lindley Hall , R. Doshi, T. Jagatic, A. Khalil, S. Shirasuna, and P. Venkatakrishnan (Jan 2004), 28 pages pages
Instruments and Sensors as Network Services: Making Instruments First Class Members of the Grid , Randall Bramley, Kenneth Chiu, John C. Huffman, Kia Huffman, and Donald F. McMullen (Dec 2003), 25 pages pages
Mining Frequent Itemsets Over Arbitrary Time Intervals in Data Streams , Chris Giannella, Jiawei Han, Edward Robertson and Chao Liu (Nov 2003), 37 pages pages
The Undecidability of Iterated Modal Relativization , Joseph S. Miller and Lawrence S. Moss (May 2003), 26 pages pages
Benchmark Evaluation of Xindice as a Grid Information Server , Prajakta Vaidya and Beth Plale (May 2003), 17 pages pages
An Information Theoretic Histogram for One-Dimensional Selectivity Estimation , Chris Giannella and Bassem Sayrafi (Jan 2005), 21 pages
Benchmark Details of Synthetic Database Benchmark/Workload for Grid Resource Information , Beth Plale, Craig Jacobs, Ying Liu, Charlie Moad, Rupali Parab, and Prajakta Vaidya (Aug 2003), 27 pages pages
Combining Optimizations, Combining Theories , Todd L. Veldhuizen and Jeremy G. Siek (May 2003), 18 pages pages
Improving the Lazy Krivine Machine , Daniel P. Friedman, Abdulaziz Ghuloum, Jeremy G. Siek, and Lynn Winebarger (Nov 2003), 27 pages pages [To appear in the journal, Higher Order and Symbolic Computation]
Polymer Processors , Jonathan W. Mills (Jul 2003), 6 pages pages
Request Progression Interface (RPI) System Services Interface (SSI) Modules for LAM/MPI , Jeffrey M. Squyres, Brian Barrett and Andrew Lumsdaine (Jul 2003), 34 pages pages [API Version 1.0.0/SSI Version 1.0.0]
Checkpoint/Restart System Services Interface (SSI) Modules for LAM/MPI , Sriram Sankaran, Jeffrey M. Squyres, Brian Barrett and Andrew Lumsdaine (Jul 2003), 22 pages pages [API Version 1.0.0/SSI Version 1.0.0]
MPI Collective Operations System Services Interface (SSI) Modules for LAM/MPI , Jeffrey M. Squyres, Brian Barrett and Andrew Lumsdaine (Jul 2003), 23 pages pages [API Version 1.0.0/SSI Version 1.0.0]
Boot System Services Interface (SSI) Modules for LAM/MPI , Jeffrey M. Squyres, Brian Barett and Andrew Lumsdaine (Jul 2003), 25 pages pages [API Version 1.0.0/SSI Version 1.0.0]
The System Services Interface (SSI) to LAM/MPI , Jeffrey M. Squyres, Brian Barrett and Andrew Lumsdaine (Jun 2003), 29 pages pages [SSI Version 1.0.0]
Survey of Publish Subscribe Event Systems , Ying Liu and Beth Plale (May 2003), 19 pages pages
Polychotomous Classification with Pairwise Classifiers: a New Voting Principle , Florin Cutzu (Jan 2003), 9 pages pages
Face Detection using Half-Face Templates , Yi Zhu and Florin Cutu (Nov 2002), 6 pages pages
A Novel Approach to View Planning in Shape Acquisition from Range Data , Chi-Wing Fu, Florin Cutzu and Andrew Hanson (Nov 2002), 19 pages pages
Using MPI with C# and the Common Language Infrastructure , Jeremiah Willcock, Andrew Lumsdaine, and Arch Robison (Oct 2002), 17 pages pages
Real Time Response to Streaming Data on Linux Clusters , Beth Plale, George Turner and Akshay Sharma (Nov 2002), 12 pages pages
Matrix Factorization Using a Block-Recursive Structure and Block-Recursive Algorithms , Jeremy D. Frens (Sep 2002), 169 pages pages [PhD Dissertation]
Breaking the Barriers: High Performance Security for High Performance Computing , Kay Connelly and Andrew A. Chien (Aug 2002), 7 pages pages [A version of this report will appear in the New Security Paradigms Workshop, 2002.]
Unification Source-Tracking with Application to Diagnosis of Type Inference , Venkatesh Choppella (Aug 2002), 200 pages pages [ PhD Dissertation]
Visual Properties Differentiating Art from Real Scenes , Alex Leykin, Florin Cutzu and Riad Hammoud (Jul 2002), 40 pages pages [Paper revised, October 18, 2002]
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