Indiana University Bloomington

Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering

Technical Report TR591:
Translation, Scale and Occlusion-Tolerant Recognition with Multiple Eigenspace Models

Arnab Dhua, Florin Cutzu, Durgesh Dewoolkar and Stephen Kiselewich
(Jan 2004), 9 pages pages
We present a method for estimating the position and scale of occluder objects present in images of any of a number of modeled scenes. The background scenes are modeled using eigenspaces. If models of possible occluder objects are available we can then classify the detected foreground objects based on the available models. A segmentation of the object from the scene is also obtained in the process. We further handle the case when the foreground object region thus detected actually consists of mutually occluding objects and we locate, segment, de-occlude and recognize each object individually. We present numerical experiments to prove the validity of the method and demonstrate the utility of the algorithm in the detection, de-occlusion, segmentation and recognition of multiple objects in an office environment.

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