Indiana University Bloomington

Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering

Technical Report TR734:
Distributed Control in HPX

Thejaka Amila Kanewala
(May 2017), 10 pages
[Submitted in Partial Satisfaction of the Requirements for the Ph.D Qualifying Examination in 2014]
Tasks in an unordered algorithm can be performed in any order and the final result does not depends on the task processing order. How- ever, prioritizing tasks improve the efficiency of the algorithm. In our earlier work, we proposed a work scheduling mechanism for un- ordered distributed algorithms, called “Distributed Control” (DC). In our prior work we compared DC performance by implementing a DC based Single Source Shortest Path (SSSP) algorithm. We compared performance of popular ∆-Stepping based SSSP implementation with DC based SSSP. Our results showed that DC performance is much better compared to ∆-Stepping. Our previous implementation was based on a runtime environment called AM++. In this paper, we discuss a DC implementation based on HPX-3; a distributed runtime environment for ParalleX execution model. We will discuss implementation challenges encountered and various strategies used to overcome those and also a performance comparison between our previous implementation and current implementation.

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