Indiana University Bloomington

Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering

CSCI Course History Directory

  CSCI A110 - Intro To Computers & Computing
  CSCI A201 - Introduction To Programming I
  CSCI A202 - Introduction To Programming Ii
  CSCI A216 - Digitl Multimedia Concpts/tech
  CSCI A290 - Tools For Computing
  CSCI A310 - Problem Solving Using Data
  CSCI A321 - Computing Tools For Sci Resrch
  CSCI A338 - Network Tech & Systems Admin
  CSCI A348 - Mastering The World Wide Web
  CSCI A521 - Computing Tools For Sci Resrch
  CSCI A538 - Network Tech & Systems Admin
  CSCI A541 - Computing & Technology Bootcamp
  CSCI A542 - Tech Fndatns Of Cybersecurity
  CSCI A548 - Mastering The World-wide Web
  CSCI A590 - Topics In Programming
  CSCI A591 - Intro To Computer Science
  CSCI A592 - Intro To Software Systems
  CSCI A593 - Computer Structures
  CSCI A594 - Data Structures
  CSCI A595 - Fundamentals Of Computg Theory
  CSCI A596 - Programming Languages
  CSCI A597 - Introduction To Programming I
  CSCI A598 - Introduction To Programming Ii
  CSCI B351 - Intro Artif Intel/comp Simltn
  CSCI B355 - Autonomous Robotics
  CSCI B363 - Bioinformatics Algorithms
  CSCI B365 - Data Analysis And Mining
  CSCI B392 - Competitive Programming
  CSCI B401 - Fundamentals Of Computg Theory
  CSCI B403 - Intro Algorithm Des & Analys
  CSCI B430 - Security For Networked Systems
  CSCI B433 - Secure Protocols
  CSCI B441 - Digital Design
  CSCI B443 - Intro To Computer Architecture
  CSCI B453 - Game Development
  CSCI B455 - Principles Of Machine Learning
  CSCI B456 - Image Processing
  CSCI B457 - Intro To Computer Vision
  CSCI B461 - Database Concepts
  CSCI B481 - Interactive Graphics
  CSCI B490 - Seminar In Computer Science
  CSCI B501 - Theory Of Computing
  CSCI B502 - Computational Complexity
  CSCI B503 - Algorithms Design And Analysis
  CSCI B504 - Introduction To Cryptography
  CSCI B505 - Applied Algorithms
  CSCI B510 - Introduction To Applied Logic
  CSCI B521 - Programming Language Princ
  CSCI B522 - Progrmg Language Foundations
  CSCI B524 - Parallelism In Prog Lang & Sys
  CSCI B534 - Distributed Systems
  CSCI B541 - Hardware System Design I
  CSCI B544 - Security For Networked Systems
  CSCI B546 - Malware: Threat And Defense
  CSCI B547 - Syst & Protocol Secur & Info Assur
  CSCI B551 - Elem Artificial Intelligence
  CSCI B552 - Knowledge Based Artifcl Intell
  CSCI B553 - Neural&gentc Appr Artfcl Intel
  CSCI B554 - Probabil Appr Artificl Intel
  CSCI B555 - Machine Learning
  CSCI B557 - Music Info Processing: Audio
  CSCI B561 - Advanced Database Concepts
  CSCI B565 - Data Mining
  CSCI B581 - Advanced Computer Graphics
  CSCI B599 - Teaching In Computer Science
  CSCI B603 - Advanced Algorithms Analysis
  CSCI B609 - Tpcs Algorithms & Comp Theory
  CSCI B619 - Topics In Applied Logic
  CSCI B621 - Adv Concepts In Prog Lang
  CSCI B629 - Tpcs In Programming Languages
  CSCI B639 - Topics In Software Systems
  CSCI B649 - Topics In Systems
  CSCI B651 - Natural Language Processing
  CSCI B652 - Cmptr Models Of Symbolic Lrng
  CSCI B656 - Web Mining
  CSCI B657 - Computer Vision
  CSCI B659 - Topics Artificial Intelligence
  CSCI B661 - Database Theory And Systems
  CSCI B662 - Database Systms & Intrnl Desgn
  CSCI B669 - Topics In Database & Info Syst
  CSCI B673 - Advanced Scientific Computing
  CSCI B689 - Topics In Graphics And Hci
  CSCI C102 - Great Ideas In Computing
  CSCI C200 - Intro Computers & Programming
  CSCI C211 - Intro To Computer Science
  CSCI C212 - Intro To Software Systems
  CSCI C231 - Intro: Math Of Cybersecurity
  CSCI C241 - Discrete Structures For Csci
  CSCI C290 - Topics In Computer Science
  CSCI C291 - System Prog With C And Unix
  CSCI C292 - Intro To Game Programming
  CSCI C295 - Leadership And Learning
  CSCI C311 - Programming Languages
  CSCI C322 - Object-oriented Software Mthds
  CSCI C323 - Mobile App Development
  CSCI C335 - Computer Structures
  CSCI C343 - Data Structures
  CSCI C460 - Senior Project I
  CSCI C470 - Senior Project Ii
  CSCI G901 - Advanced Research
  CSCI H200 - Intro Cmptrs & Prgrmng, Honors
  CSCI H211 - Intro To Cmptr Science-honors
  CSCI H212 - Intro To Sftwr Systems-honors
  CSCI H241 - Elem Discrete Structures:hon
  CSCI H311 - Programming Languages Honors
  CSCI H335 - Computer Structures Honors
  CSCI H343 - Data Structures, Honors
  CSCI P415 - Introduction To Verification
  CSCI P423 - Compilers
  CSCI P424 - Advanced Functionl Programmng
  CSCI P434 - Distributed Systems
  CSCI P436 - Intro To Operating Systems
  CSCI P438 - Intro To Computer Networks
  CSCI P442 - Digital Systems
  CSCI P462 - Database Applicatn Dsgn & Impl
  CSCI P465 - Software Eng For Info Sys I
  CSCI P515 - Specification & Verification
  CSCI P523 - Programming Language Implement
  CSCI P532 - Object-oriented Sftwre Dvlpmnt
  CSCI P535 - Pervasive Computing
  CSCI P536 - Advanced Operating Systems
  CSCI P538 - Computer Networks
  CSCI P542 - Hardware System Design Ii
  CSCI P545 - Embedded And Real-time Systems
  CSCI P556 - Applied Machine Learning
  CSCI P565 - Software Engineering I
  CSCI P566 - Software Engineering Ii
  CSCI P573 - Scientific Computing
  CSCI P632 - Object-oriented Softare Mgmt
  CSCI Y390 - Undergraduate Indpt Study
  CSCI Y391 - Undergraduate Ind System Dev
  CSCI Y395 - Career Develpt For Csci Majors
  CSCI Y398 - Intrnshp In Professional Prac
  CSCI Y399 - Proj In Professional Practice
  CSCI Y499 - Honors Research
  CSCI Y790 - Graduate Independent Study
  CSCI Y791 - Grad Independent System Dev
  CSCI Y792 - Master's Thesis
  CSCI Y793 - Master's Software Thesis
  CSCI Y798 - Profsnl Practicum/internshp
  CSCI Y799 - Computer Science Colloquium
  CSCI Y890 - Thesis Readings And Research